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Meet Cody - The Over-Loved Shiba Inu

Cody The Over-Loved Shiba Inu

Cody, a six-year-old Shiba Inu was a morbidly obese dog.

Thankfully, he was adopted by an awesome couple in August 2014. He initially weighed in at 104 lbs. His goal weight is 35-40 lbs. 

We've got a way's to go until Cody's in good health -- but we believe we can love in a supportive and positive way to undo the previous life of a different kind of love. His new family would love it if you'd help cheer Cody on as they battle to save his life!

We've been observing Cody's Facebook updates throughout this past month. So far, his journey to health has been warm, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always inspiring. WE LOVE YOU CODY!

For updates on Cody's progress, LIKE his Facebook page: