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Dog Tries To Save Fish With Anthropomorphism

Most of us dog lovers are very well aware of their uncanny ability to demonstrate pure love and compassion, not quite like any other creature out there.

We're also aware of their common instinct to bury food, especially when there's an abundance of it.

Humans, in the meantime, are likely being starved of each other's love and compassion. Just look at the popular reaction to a video that has recently gone viral (featured below).

The video depicts a dog using his nose to splash water on a group of fish laying motionless on the ground. But that's not all.

The video is entitled "Dog Tries To Save Fish With Water". Due to his clear understanding that fish use their gills to extract oxygen from water, this dog has stepped in to rescue these fish from "drowning". (As if there's no possible way this carnivorous predator considers this fresh, meaty catch to be a possible food source that should be cashed and preserved.)

Since the video was posted, hundreds of thousands of people, in a Facebook-induced state of virtual anthropomorphic reality, have conjured up the emotions associated with compassion... and placed them on this adorable dog. Could this be an indication that people crave the opportunity to truly help other people?

Considering this modern age of device-driven communication, perhaps the video's popularity should make us feel sorrier for people in general than it does for the dog... or the fish for that matter.



This planet can be a beautiful place. Go outside and explore it for yourself! (You might get the chance to help someone in need). Just ask your dog!


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