Free Nutrition Consultations At The Dog Bar

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Everyday, the Dog Bar in Miami Beach teaches pet owners how to choose safe and healthy foods for their dogs and cats. 

It's not uncommon for dogs to tire of the same meal (the exact same meal) every single day for years and years. Signs of lethargy & a foul odor can often be attributed to a uniform diet plan, especially one that doesn't include any fresh meats or vegetables.


Since 1996, we've been dedicated to improving the well-being of dogs & cats by providing the healthiest, most biologically appropriate foods available. We're constantly recommending foods to all types of pets based on breed, weight, allergies, age & activity level. We never carry "big brand" food manufacturers who put their profits before your pets. In fact, we've always been Miami's leading source for the highest quality Kibble, Canned, Freeze-Dries & Raw Frozen Dog and Cat foods. 


 "It was my first time at Dog Bar and it was amazing! They took the time to explain everything with no rush at all! I have a Frenchie and they gave me the best food ever for him and it is helping with his digestion. I'm definitely going back!"

-Hector S. from Yelp


Anyone who has attempted to research the best approach to a healthy diet knows how overwhelming the process can be. Luckily, our 20 years of watching puppies grow into healthy adults has given us an up-close and personal understanding of how significantly a healthy diet effects a dog's well-being.

Have you considered upgrading your dog's diet to something much healthier? Visit us at our Miami Beach location or call us (305) 532-5654. Our consultations are always free.

AND, if you're local, we'd LOVE to meet your dog! 


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