Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleaning For Dogs And Cats

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Dental Cleaning Without Anesthesia

The Dog Bar offers this safe, non-invasive dental care at our Miami Beach location


Cosmetic Dental Cleaning Without Anesthesia is absolutely drug-free. By combining skilled training, our dental technician is able to effectively clean the tartar from the exposed areas of the teeth and polish while your pet remains alert and comfortable at all times. This procedure will have significant effects on your pet’s health, including a cleaner, brighter and healthier mouth.

By eliminating the risks of anesthesia, regular dental care can be provided to most dogs and cats.


A NOTE ABOUT PERIODONTAL DISEASE  -  Periodontal or Gum Disease is one of the most common conditions seen in pets today. The problem originates when plaque and tartar starts to accumulate on your pet's teeth. Bacteria in plaque can infect gum tissue and the roots of teeth, resulting in disease and tooth loss. With the accumulation of plaque and tartar comes bacteria that can enter the blood stream, causing infection to some of your pet's vital organs including the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and brain. The damage to these organs is sometimes irreversible and can be detrimental to your dog or cat's life.

The dental services we provide specialize in preventative dental care. Remember to always discuss your pet's dental health concerns with your veterinarian. Preventative dental care is important for maintaining your pet's optimal health and well being.


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