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Medical Marijuana For Dogs Suffering From Cancer

In a recent article from Dogster, there's a large effort from veterinarians to provide medical marijuana treatments to relieve chronic pain suffered by dog with terminal cancer. 

Leading the charge is Dr. Kramer of Enlightened Veterinary Therapeutics. His goal, he says, is "to provide palliative care and prevent accidental overdoses resulting from owners' well-meaning attempts to relieve their pets' pain and suffering."

“The decision was an easy one for me to make," says Kramer. "I refuse to condemn my patients to a miserable existence for self preservation or concerns about what may or may not happen to me as a consequence of my actions. My freedom of speech is clearly protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. This is an issue of animal welfare, plain and simple. Remaining silent would represent a clear violation of the veterinarian’s oath I took when I was admitted into this profession."

There is established evidence of pets experiencing improved mood, appetite and energy when receiving treatment. A Nevada woman administered the treatment to her Rottweiler who was losing two ponds of weight a day due to a rare and fatal form of blood cancer. "He was a puppy again, happy and playful," she recalled. "He'd trot around the house with his toys in his mouth, wanting to play fetch!"

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