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Vitality Science Uro-Cleanse

  • $34.99

Most bladder and urinary tract infections are caused by E-coli lodging itself in the bladder and kidneys with its hook-like appendages. The ingredients, D-mannose unhooks the E-coli, while the Bromelain reduces inflammation. Arabinogalactan is effective at increasing beneficial anaerobes. Zeolite helps maintain proper pH.


  • Supports a healthy urinary tract
  • Maintains normal urine pH
  • Maintains normal bladder health
  • Increases beneficial gut flora
  • Prevents urinary tract infections

Active Ingredients: A proprietary blend of [Arabinogalactan (Larix laricina), D-Mannose, Bromelain (Ananas comosus), Zeolite (clinoptilolite)]

Inactive Ingredients: Milk Protein Concentrate

Comes in a 65g gram jar.