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The Missing Link Original Hips & Joints Supplement

  • $18.99

This Hips & Joints formula is a daily powder designed to provide your dog beneficial mobility support and helps to manage movement related pain issues like stiffness, soreness and/or arthritis.  All of our products are 100% guaranteed satisfaction or your money back.

Supports Mobility and Joint Function: Glucosamine, balanced omegas and superfoods help keep joints flexible & lubricated for dogs who are showing signs of stiffness, lameness, or age-related joint discomfort.

Heart Healthy: Fresh ground flaxseed, taurine, and nutritional yeast help support heart health.

Only Good Stuff: Made with natural ingredients and NO artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or GMOs.

Feed Once Daily!

Daily feeding instructions (based on weight):

Up to 10 lb. - 1/2 tsp.

11-20 lbs. - 1 tsp.

21-40 lbs. - 2 tsp.

41-80 lbs. - 3 tsp.

81-100 lbs. - 4 tsp.

Add The Missing Link to your dog's diet according to its weight. Due to the high fiber content, start with small amounts and gradually increase to the recommended level over the course of a week or two. This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.


    Available in an 8 ounce bag, averages to a 30-day supply depending on your dog's weight.