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Recyclable and Freezable Popsicle Chew Toy

  • $9.99

Entice dogs to cool down on a hot day.

This 100% recyclable rubber Popsicle can be frozen for a nice cold treat and chew toy. It's full of texture, ridges and nubs for oral stimulation and cleaning teeth. Freeze in water or broth for an exceptionally delicious treat

The popsicle is very durable and the cold makes it great for soothing teething puppies’ sore gums and perfect for cooling small to large breeds.

Instructions for cooling: Fill with water by submerging in water, or hold under faucet. Squeeze toy to release air bubbles and allow water to fill inner cavity. Place toy in freezer with holes facing up so water does not leak out. Keep toy in freezer for about two hours until water is frozen. Remove toy from freezer and give to dog to play with.

Available in two sizes.

Small recommended for puppies and small breeds, Large recommended for medium and large breeds.