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Roverlund Leader-of-the-Pack Bag Dispenser

  • $19.99

Say bye-bye to forgetting to bring enough poop bags... with our new Leader-of-the-Pack Poop Bag Holder. No matter how many times your pup needs to go number two on your morning walk, with our poop bag holder you will have no worries and a stylish and convenient way to grab your poop bags in a jiffy.

All you need to do is fill your Leader-of-the-Pack Poop Bag Holder with your favorite roll of biodegradable poop bags and you will be ready for whatever Fido drops along the way.

- Extra Storage: Fits two standard size poop bag rolls, so you're never empty-handed.

- Reflective Detailing: For visibility and safe nighttime strolls.

- Carabiner: Fast and easy attaching and detaching to a leash, carrier, tote, or anywhere you want to clip it.

- Dimensions: 4” long, 2.25” wide, 1.625” tall.

Available in two styles and one size.