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HPZ™ PET ROVER RUN Performance Jogging Sports Stroller For Small/Medium Dogs, Cats

  • $369.00

Specifically designed for active families with pets, this high-performance stroller is perfect for urban exploration or jogging on your favorite path. It’s the only all-terrain jogging pet stroller available equipped with 3 modes of transport - RUN, JOG and WALK, so you can change your pace to match your workout. Its aerodynamic design is excellent for combating wind resistance when jogging with your beloved pets. The HPZ Pet Rover Run features three large air-filled rubber tires that absorb impact for both pet and parents alike making for an exceptional smooth and stable ride. The rigid yet light lightweight aluminum chassis holds up to 50 lbs and has two interior tethers for multi-pet families to enjoy outdoor activities. HPZ designed the Pet Rover Run with comfort and ease in mind, it features an ergonomic adjustable handlebar to accommodate any stride so it helps you and your pets get outside and enjoy exercising in the fresh air!
● Product Weight: 26 Lbs
● Size: L 48" W 23" H 40" (Folded L 16" w 28" H 37")
● Pet Compartment Floor Size: L 30" W 15"
● No Assembly Required

Overall Dimensions
Opened: L 48" W 23" H 40"
Closed: L 16" w 28" H 37"

Pet Compartment Floor Dimensions
L 30" W 15"

26 Lbs.

Max Capacity
50 Lbs.