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Fresh Pawz Baroque Leaves Adjustable Mesh Harnesses

  • $34.99

Feed your dogs luxury taste buds while taking care of their neck with these Baroque harnesses! Featuring details reminiscent of Miami's favorite designer brand, these harnesses are composed of a breathable mesh body with screen-printed graphics.

Harnesses are a great choice to eliminate neck strain caused by leashes! Size is semi-adjustable via straps on the side to ensure a snug fit.

Available in a range of sizes, see size chart for more info.

 Size Neck Girth Chest Girth
XS 8.7-11.8 Inches 9.5-14.2  Inches
S 10.2-14.1  Inches 12.6-17.7  Inches
M 12.6-17.3  Inches 15-22.8  Inches
L 15-21.3  Inches 18.9-28.4  Inches
XL 17.3-25.2  Inches 23.6-37.8  Inches