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Barkshe Drying Bathrobes

  • $54.99

Barkshe's dog drying bathrobe dries your dog and keeps them warm after a bath or a swim.  Made from two layers of bamboo and cotton toweling, it provides great absorbency with a super soft feel. No more wet-dog smell and stinky towels.

- Soft and highly absorbent
- Adjustable velcro for neck and belly for optimal fit
- Wide belly flap for maximum coverage  
- Teddy bear ears hood 
Care Instructions
- Wash the coat before first use.
- Always fasten the velcro before washing to protect the fabric.
- Wash at low temperature.
- If a loop snags, simply cut it instead of pulling it.
90% Bamboo Rayon
10% Polyester
See pictures for more info, sizing measured in inches.