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Designer Bee One-Click Harnesses

  • $69.99

Add an instant dose of glam to any outfit by topping it off with our ergonomic one-click dog harness!

There are two D-rings in the front and back of the harness allowing you to attach the leash where you desire, or if you wish to hang an ID tag to the front loop. 

Uniquely handmade in Vancouver, Canada


Our unique one-click harness design is based on a Norwegian dog harness which originally was designed for active dogs trained for pulling sleds, jogging and cycling. They prevent chafing while being active. The one-click buckle hassle-free style makes it very easy for you to put on the harness on your dog. Not only they are practical, they also follow the latest fashion trend enabling your pooch to be comfortable while looking stunning. 


  • This lightweight one-click harness is loved by our clients.
  • Designed to be ultra soft and eco-friendly with 2 layers of mesh fabric for extra comfort
  • Made from light-weight ultra padded breathable mesh
  • Fully adjustable chest strap
  • It helps dog with breathing problems, collapsing trachea and bad backs. 


100% cotton, breathable mesh, webbing straps.

Sizing (Based on Body Girth and Chest)

Xtra-Xtra-Small: 6.3" Inch Chest , 10-12" Inches Body Girth

Xtra-Small: 7.1" Inch Chest, 12-14" Inches Body Girth

Small: 8" Inches Chest, 14-16" Inches Body Girth

Available in one style, multiple sizes.