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Dog Bar Brass Step-In Nylon Dog Harness w/ Leash

  • $42.99

The Step-in harnesses is the latest advancement in dog-walking mobility. No more wrestling with your dog to get a tricky harness buckled each time you go for a walk. Simply slide the security latch piece up toward top of harness to open. Place pets front paws in each opening and slide security latch back down into place securely over the back.

Sometimes people ask, "What's better for walking a dog, a collar or a harness?" For little dogs the answer is pretty obvious. Big dogs can typically get away with just using a collar. Dogs under 25 lbs on the other hand, usually require both. This has everything to do with the trachea which tends to be pretty fragile in a smaller dog.

Same design and feel as our original step-in nylon dog harness but now with stylish Brass hardware!

These harnesses are ultra comfortable and come complete with a detachable leash.

Made in the USA and available only at the Dog Bar!