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Bixbi Jerky for Skin & Coat Dog Treats

  • $20.99
Perfect for Hiking the Trails or Hanging at Home!

Sometime in the 1500s, a smart group of Incas known as the Quechua made the world’s first jerky. They called it “ch’arki,” which translates into “dried meat.” Fast forward a few hundred years and jerky has become the go-to fuel for countless road trips and adventurous spirits all over the globe. BIXBI brings everyone’s favorite Quechuan snack to your favorite four-legged sidekick, complete with its healthy protein, fresh meat and go-anywhere convenience.

  • Great as an Irresistible, Healthy Treat
  • USA Made and Sourced
  • No Artificial Preservatives or Colors
  • No Soy, Corn or Wheat
  • Original and Functional Options in a Variety of Proteins

Available in a range of recipes and sizes.