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Baydog Monterey Bay Life Jackets

  • $54.99

The Alcott Water Adventure Dog Life Jacket makes swimming easier for all dogs. The bright colors along with the reflective side strips allow for you to spot them quickly. The floating chin support keeps your dogs head above water while doggie paddling!

Dog life preservers are an important safety device for those owners who spend time on boats, at the beach, or around the pool. It's important to remember that not all dogs know how to swim. Since fatal accidents can occur when curious dogs with no water skills fall in and panic. The bright color makes it easy to spot a pet in the water. Each dog life jacket is fully adjustable for a secure fit.

ENHANCED CHEST FLOTATION: Keeps your dog’s head above the waterline for enhanced survivability in varying sea conditions

TORSO SUPPORT: Ergonomically designed to allow complete range of swimming motion

RESCUE HANDLE: A handle added with reinforced stitching, makes it easy to pull your dog aboard.

HI VISIBILITY: Bright colors that are easy to spot 

REFLECTIVE TRIM: 360 degrees of nightime visibility

    Available in two sizes, one color (Yellow).

    See pictures for more sizing info.


     Size Neck Chest Length
    XS 7-10 Inches 12-16 Inches 7 Inches
    S 10-14 Inches 15-20 Inches 10 Inches
    M 13-18 Inches 21-28 Inches 13 Inches
    L 17-22 Inches 27-35 Inches 16 Inches
    XL 21-27 Inches 34-46 Inches 19 Inches