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Perfect Nail Grinder

  • $39.99

Are you sick of fiddling with dangerous and hard-to-use nail cutters that leave your dog limping, bleeding, and cutting every single nail differently? Does your dog have black nails which make it impossible to tell where to stop cutting or furry paws that turn nail cutting into a chore?

What you need is the Perfect Nail Grinder. This precision instrument has a high-speed balanced motor that is incredibly silent - no scares, no dogs running away at the sight of it.

Cutting your dog's nails will be a thing of the past with the Perfect Nail Grinder - instead of dangerous and awkward cutting, you'll painlessly grind your dog's nails. With built-in presets for various size dogs (from small up to large), the Perfect Nail Grinder has a built-in LED light so you can see what you are doing. Your dog will love the comfort of perfectly ground nails done silently and painlessly.

No more bloody floors, no more paws being jerked back in terror, just nice clean ground nails.

Available in one size, recommended for breeds for all sizes.