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Animal Relief Formula Spray

  • $22.99

Flower essence therapy, founded by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s, is based on the profound understanding of the vibrational healing properties of flowers. All cultures throughout the world cherish a soul language of flowers for expressing deeper forms of healing and sacred awareness. Flowers impart vibrational energy patterns of vibrant life force, expressive form, ethereal color and beauty. They help the soul (animal, as well as human) to flourish by developing this same flowering capacity.

Misting — Many animals can be treated by misting on the body and in the air surrounding the animal. This method allows access to frightened animals and can also be used with marine animals when out of water. A light mist can be applied near the lips or nose to entice licking. Take care to learn the particular boundaries and reactions of each animal you are treating. Many birds enjoy misting, while other animals may be startled until they become familiar with the technique. Pet or hold the animal or otherwise establish bonding before treating the animal, so that flower essence dosing is viewed within a positive context.

Topical Direct — Lightly spray drops of the formula on the paws, behind the ears, on the pulse points or other energy receptors of the animal’s body. The animal will either lick the essence or simply allow them to be absorbed through the skin. In some cases, you can spray the essence into your own hands and then massage into the appropriate area. You can also formulate a carrier cream for these purposes. Food

Biscuit — The formula can also be sprayed onto tiny morsels of food — the most ideal is a dried biscuit. However, vibrational medicines like flower essences are best taken apart from food so that the more subtle influence can be registered without interference. Therefore, only one small biscuit should be used during the time of flower essence treatment and this activity should be separated from regular eating.

Water Bowl — Apply one or two sprays of the formula into the animal’s water bowl at least twice a day. Fresh water should be put in the bowl each time and the essences stirred clockwise and counterclockwise to energize the water. For large animals — such as in water troughs for horses — increase the dosage accordingly. This method works well for horses or other animals that have private waterers and drink regularly. It is less successful for animals like cats who have irregular drinking habits, or where the same water source is shared by more than one animal. Also, the flower essences will evaporate and must be replenished regularly

Available in a 1 Oz. spray bottle. Dropper not available.