Acana Lamb And Okanagan Apple Formula

Featuring ranch-raised lamb as the sole animal ingredient, ACANA LAMB & OKANAGAN APPLE is a Limited Ingredient and biologically appropriate food that’s perfectly suited to diet-sensitive dogs of all breeds and life stages.

Loaded with New Zealand lamb, delivered in nourishing raw whole prey ratios of meat, liver, tripe and cartilage, ACANA supplies nutrients in natural whole food form, dramatically reducing the need for synthetic ingredients. Infusions of freeze-dried lamb liver naturally enhance palatability for selective eaters.


New Zealand lamb meal, steamed oats, peas, sunflower oil, de-boned New Zealand

lamb, red delicious apples, natural lamb flavor, flaxseed, alfalfa leaf, pumpkin, turnip greens, cranberries, saskatoon berries, organic sea vegetables (kelp, bladderwrack,dulse), burdock root, marshmallow root, juniper berries, fenugreek, sweet fennel, angelica root, sea buckthorn, chicory root, stinging nettle, red raspberry leaf, milk thistle, peppermint leaf, marigold flowers, chamomile flowers, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Enterococcus faecium.

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