Only The Healthiest Dog Food

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only the healthiest dog food

Since 1996, the Dog Bar has been a pioneering advocate for nutritional health and wellness within our canine community.

We've never carried cheap, often re-called popular brands that are manufactured in China. As far as we know, we're the very first pet store in Miami to sell fresh, raw food diets... before it was "paleo".

It's our fundamental belief that, along with with love, play & proper obedience, REAL nutrition is key to a long, healthy and happy life. If you feel it's time to give your furry loved ones a nutritional upgrade, you may CLICK HERE to learn about our FREE food consultations at our Miami Beach location.


In the meantime, please peruse our most popular foods within these listed categories below:

dry dog food

canned dog food

freeze dried dog food

raw frozen pet food

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