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Our Philosophy

The Dog Bar is an internationally-renowned destination for those who seek the ultimate lifestyle for their beloved pets. Open 7 days a week, we offer the best of everything that your dog or cat will ever need. 
Since 1997, we've been dedicated to improving the well-being of dogs & cats by providing the healthiest, most biologically appropriate foods available. We're constantly recommending foods to all types of pets based on breed, weight, allergies, age & activity level.


We never carry "big brand" food manufacturers who put their profits before your pets. In fact, we've always been Miami's leading source for the highest quality Kibble, Canned, Freeze-Dried & Raw Frozen Dog and Cat foods. 
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For almost twenty years, the Dog Bar has worked with local rescue organizations to find loving forever homes for the many homeless dogs and cats in Miami/Dade county.


We will never sell baby animals sourced from puppy mills. We encourage every member of our community to rescue and adopt a homeless pet. A great place to start is on


Miami Dog And Cat Rescue Organizations