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This adorbale Pomeranian is TOO CUTE!!! Watch as he goes to extreme lengths not to wake up this snuggling brood of baby kittens.

Billie Holiday's Dog

Billie Holiday was a genuine dog lover. But the dog she was closest to was Mister, a gentle boxer who never left her side. Billie Holiday knitted Mister sweaters (Dog Bar didn't exist back then), fed him steak and even bought him a mink coat. Whenever she performed, Mister was there. Billie...
Do you know of anyone whose dog politely wipes his/her feet before entering the house? It's amazing how such a simple human-like gesture will garner hundreds of thousands of views on the interwebs. This little guy could be the poster boy for doorway etiquette!  Good job!
No matter what kind of day you're having, you cannot withstand the contagious joy of this little guy. The internet has truly blessed us with 49 seconds of pure giddiness. 
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ARE YOU STILL FEEDING YOUR PETS PURINA? "[There are] more than 3,000 complaints consumers have made online of dogs becoming ill and in some cases dying after eating Beneful kibble style dog foods, according to the complaint. The consistent symptoms reported include stomach internal bleeding, m...