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How to Rid Your Life Of Pet Hair

There Are Three Healthy Ways To Seriously Reduce Pet Shedding 

 First things first: Unless you live with a non-shedding or totally hairless breed of dog or cat, YOU WILL HAVE SOME PET HAIR IN YOUR LIFE! That said, there are a handful of devices that when used regularly, will DRAMATICALLY decrease the presence shedding on your floors, your furniture and all your clothes!

 Let's begin with the most important issue, your pet's diet...

1) Diet


Nordic Naturals Pet Omega-3 Oil

Every one of our customers is well aware that the Dog Bar only endorses foods that are 100% grain-free and biologically appropriate for Dogs and Cats. If you are feeding a highly-processed, profit-driven-corporate-fastfood-scientific-MadeInChina type of pet food, than now is the time to MAKE THE SWITCH. Hair loss can be an indication of a lack of nutrients. Being the blood-thirsty carnivores that dogs and cats are, a diet that had all it's naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals cooked out and replaced with synthetic nutrients and gluten-based fillers will keep your pets smelly, over-fed and under-nourished.

FISH OIL is a highly effective supplement that, when added to your pet's food on a daily basis, will start to heal and condition their skin and fur. It's the same principle that has been proven to work on humans. By adding a fish oil supplement, you'll also assist in maintaining healthy joints and a strong immune system.


2) The Right Brush And A Little Bit Of Bribery

My rescued Shiba Inu used to be particularly sensitive to getting brushed until I incorporated treat-giving before, during and after a brushing session. Twice a week when I get home from work, I'll flip on a recorded episode of South Park and sit on the floor with my Furminator and a bag of treats (which will immediately cause my dog and two cats to gather around me). That's when I'll break out the goods; Orijen Treats

Once everyone is treated, I'll grab the cat who enjoys getting brushed the most (pictured above). This makes my dog extremely jealous and suddenly open-minded about getting brushed herself. When I whisper to her to lay down, she shyly goes belly-up and allows me to work on her. This method never fails and has become an enjoyable activity for all four of us.


3) Dyson (or a cheaper version of a Dyson)

When my wife and I got married, she also married my three animals. She never had animals before, yet she she quickly grew to love them. But it was the HAIR... she couldn't tolerate the hair.

Splurging on a $400-$500 Dyson requires a serious need. How much pet hair can she tolerate? How many times can I tolerate her mentioning the pet hair?

I soon got a Dyson.

Luckily, I found a website that allowed me to make six monthly payments of $75. If you're still not totally sold on the Dyson, The Shark is apparently a close and less-expensive alternative based on these reviews.

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