Squirrel Treat Dispenser

Our Squirrel treat dispenser toy is durable for tough chewers, with a funky bounce to keep dogs playing longer.! The patented treat chamber holds a variety of treat options, including dry kibble, treats, cheese, and peanut butter. Put peanut butter or treats inside the toy and freeze it for even more fun.

If you would like treats to come out faster, you can trim the treat chamber prongs. Once the prongs are cut, there’s no going back, so we recommend trimming only a little at a time and then testing.

  • Great for the toughest chewers
  • Randomly dispenses treats
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only


Small 10-20 pounds

Yorkie, Jack Russell, Pug

Large over 50 pounds

Retriever, Shepherd, Boxer