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Puppia Mountaineer Coat

  • $89.99

Take your best friend with you on your adventures into the brisk outdoors this cold season with Puppia Mountaineer Coat. This fleece coat doubles as a harness that is made with a 100% polyester lining and shell that is designed to help keep your pal warm in the colder parts of the year. The shell is even waterproof to help keep them dry as he romps and plays. This stylish harness features a backside zipper closure to help make dressing and undressing easier.

Key Benefits

  • Doubles as a winter coat with integrated harness.
  • Made with 100% polyester lining to keep your pal warm.
  • Features a waterproof outer shell to help keep your fur baby dry.
  • The backside zipper make dressing and undressing convenient and quick.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors to help you find a harness that best suits your pal’s style.
See pictures for sizing info.


 Size Neck Girth Chest Girth Body Length
S 9.5 Inches 14.2  Inches 7.9  Inches
M 11  Inches 16.5  Inches 9.8  Inches
L 12.6  Inches 18.9  Inches 11.8  Inches
XL 14.2  Inches 22.8  Inches 14.6  Inches
XXL 15.8  Inches 27.2  Inches 17.7  Inches