Pooie Vuiton Pet Bags


Introducing Pooie Vuiton pet bags, where Eco-Friendly meets Fashion. Designed using an all-natural Cornstarch base (rather than plastic), with Pooie Vuiton pet bags, both you and your pet are doing your part to reduce the carbon paw-prints on this earth!

Additionally, these bags have a thickness of 18 microns which is significantly stronger and thicker than most pet waste bags available on the market!

• Fit any standard dispenser

• Designed with perforated cuts for smooth tear

• Stronger and more durable than the average bag

• Plastic Free

• Trendy design


Available in 4-packs with 60 bags.

Bags are 8.5"w x 13.5"L

*Online prices may not reflect in-store pricing*