Petzlife Oral Care Gel & Spray

Petzlife's Oral Care Gel is specially formulated to eliminate plaque, remove tartar, reverse gum disease and freshen breath immediately. All natural, veterinarian recommended and best of all no brushing required!

For removing buildup: Apply twice daily until plaque and tartar has dissolved (noticeable results in 30 days). Results may vary.

As a preventative: Apply 2-3 times per week (can be used daily).

See doses chart for more info!

Apply gel onto fingers and wipe onto the animals teeth and gums. Even wiping on the outside of your animals lips will do the trick as they will naturally want to lick it off. For cats, you may dab gel on top of their paw as they will lick it off as well.

Oral Gel available in 2 flavors, Oral Spray available only in peppermint.

*online prices may not reflect in-store pricing*