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Pet Releaf CBD Soft Chew Edibites Dog Treats

  • $20.99

Pet Releaf’s CBD-Infused Soft Chew Hemp Oil Edibites for dogs may help to support your dog’s overall wellness. Each of our CBD-Infused Hemp Oil Edibites contains Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract comprised of 2mg active CBD as well as over 100 other naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids. The full spectrum hemp used in our Edibites promotes relaxation and calmness—all while leaving out things like fillers, corn, wheat, soy, dairy, or chemical preservatives.

The combination of fresh ingredients and Full Spectrum Hemp Extract may be just what your dog needs to combat their issues whether it be nerves or indigestion. You can give your dog regular relief or let them enjoy the tasty flavors and health benefits in preparation for a potentially uncomfortable event, such as long periods of travel or abnormal chaos. From seed, to plant, to harvest, to sale, Pet Releaf oversees the entire manufacturing process to ensure that our CBD for dogs is the highest quality with all the benefits of naturally occurring CBD. Let your dog experience the Pet Releaf difference and purchase CBD-Infused Soft Chew Hemp Oil Edibites today.

Product Potency Composition — Small & Medium Breed (30 Edibites/bag)
Each Small & Medium Soft Chew Edibite contains 2mg being Active CBD
Each bag contains 60mg being Active CBD

Product Potency Composition — Large Breed (30 Edibites/bag)
Each Large Breed Grain-Free Soft Chew Edibite contains 5mg being Active CBD
Each bag contains 150mg being Active CBD

Available in 3 flavors, comes in a 7.5 oz. bag