Fluffy Fanny The Owl


Whooooo's that fanny flying through the trees? It's Fluffy Fanny The Owl!!!! Not only is Fanny fluffy, she's stereotypically wise as well! Need relationship advice? Did your human forget to share food with you? Do you contemplate trading in the shackles of domesticity with the inevitable hardships of living wild and free? JUST ASK FLUFFY FANNY!

Made of high quality fabrics; the outer layer is ultra-plush covering the durable, thick mesh inner liner. All seams are generously folded, then double stitched.  A large, durable squeaker is enclosed in a stitched fabric pouch. For your dogs safety, the eyes are stitched and there are no hard edges.  The stuffing is new non-toxic polyester fiber.  This toy is 9" in size.