Eco-Friendly Futon Dog Bed

This versatile low profile bed combines the softness and comfort of "Eco-Tech" polar fleece, with the rugged durability of waterproof nylon. Also makes a great travel or crate bed.

Over-stuffed with "super-soft" recycled fibre. Circle "tufting" creates a stylish mattress look while preventing fibre from clumping or shifting when washing.

What is “Eco-Tech” fleece?

The revolutionary “Eco-tech” fleece fabric is constructed from polyester fibres made from recycled plastic (PET) pop bottles.

The plastic bottles are refined and purified, chopped down into “flake”and processed into spun fibre strands. These strands are then knitted and woven to create our “Eco-tech” fabrics.

Here are four reasons to choose “Eco-Tech” pet beds:

1) These soft, luxurious fabrics look and perform like non-recycled fabrics without depleting the Earth’s natural resources!

2) Eco-Tech fleece is warm, durable, color-fast and machine washable.

3) By using post-consumer plastic bottles instead of virgin materials in the fibre manufacturing process, we can keep millions of plastic PET bottles out of the world's landfills each year!

4) By using less petroleum, recyled fibres also help lower harmful air emissions and in turn, reduce the harmful effects of acid rain, global warming, and smog.


Choose between:

SMALL - 24" x 18"

MEDIUM - 21" x 30"

LARGE - 24" x 36"

XTRA LARGE - 28" x 42"

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