Eastend Bowl

Green is the sign of growth, renewal, and rebirth. The Eastend bowl is all about good vibrations; these cheerful Emerald Green dishes will be a reminder that stress is for the birds.

The removable stainless steel bowls are dishwasher friendly!


• 8.75W x 8.75D x 3.75H inches
• Weight – 3lbs
• Holds up to 5.5 cups of dry food or 44 oz of water.

• 7.5W x 7.5D x 3.25H inches
• Weight – 2lbs
• Holds up to 4.5 cups of dry food or 36 oz of water.

• 6.25W x 6.25D x 3H inches
• Weight – 1lbs
• Holds up to 2 cups of dry food or 16 oz of water.