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Drippy Pets Fursace Shirts

  • $48.49

These stretchy t-shirts are made of exceptionally soft jersey cotton fabric and are suitable for all seasons! Great to use beneath fleece jackets in the winter to keep skin rashes and dandruff at bay. Protects against the chill of the air conditioning in the summer. Armholes are particularly designed to prevent matting.


Sizing Info (In Inches and Pounds):

Xtra-Small: 9"-14.5" Chest Circumference, 1-3 lbs.

Small: 11.8"-15.7" Chest Circumference, 3-6 lbs.

Medium: 13.4"-17.3" Chest Circumference, 6-9 lbs.

Large: 15"-22" Chest Circumference, 10-14 lbs.

Xtra-Large: 16"-24.4" Chest Circumference, 15-24 lbs.


Available in one style, and a range of sizes.