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Dog Bar Two-Button Polo Shirts

  • $24.99

Want your pet to make a great first impression? Dress them up in Dog Bar's classic collection of collared shirts. Each shirt has 2 buttons at the neck, sewn cuffs at the arms and a slightly longer back to ensure the best possible fit; they're also machine washable!

Available in a wide range of sizes and colors! See list below for sizing.

Xtra-Small: 3-15 lbs.

Small: 15-30 lbs.

Medium: 30-50 lbs.

Large: 50-70 lbs.

Xtra-Large: 70-80 lbs.

Xtra-Xtra-Large: 80-100 lbs.

Xtra-Xtra-Xtra-Large: 100-120 lbs.

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