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Chevron Expedition Jackets

  • $59.99

Nothing says mountain style like our new Expedition Jackets from Fabdog. These nylon-shelled cotton blend jackets are water repellent to resist snow and rain as well as insulate heat. Ideal for wearing in the snow!

Available in two colors and a wide range of sizes.

Size is determined by length of the dog from the base of the neck to the beginning of the tail, see included size chart for reference.


Size  Length Chest Neck
8 Inch 7-9  Inches 10.5  Inches Inches
10 Inch 9-11  Inches 12.5  Inches 9.5  Inches
12 Inch 11-13  Inches 15.5  Inches 11  Inches
14 Inch 13-15  Inches 17  Inches 12  Inches
16 Inch 15-17  Inches 19  Inches 14  Inches
18 Inch 17-19  Inches 21  Inches 15  Inches
20 Inch 19-21 Inches 22  Inches 16  Inches