Airbuggy Nest Bike

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Introducing the upgraded model from the popular Nest for medium to large dog breeds that can now also be used as a bicycle towing trailer. The standard specs of the Nest were left in place but the front wheel front fork material was strengthened. Safe to tow even large dogs (up to 99 pounds) by bicycle. Enjoy the new convenient style of strollers. Foldable frame for easy storage and reflectors at the front and back for visibility. See below for size info.


  • When using frame : 31 in (width) x 45 in (depth) x 40 in (height)
  • With frame folded : 31 in (width) x 34.5 in (depth) x 7.5 in (height)
  • Cot : 21.5 in (width) x 32 in (depth) x 24 in (height)

Available in Red!

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