Air Buggy Carriage

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A four wheeled 55kg load bearing cart developed for large sized dogs. Because of the stability of the four wheels and the easy pushing of the triangular structure, you can have a smooth ride even with your heavy and large dogs. The open type lets your beloved dog ride unhindered, and can also double as a trolley for when you have lots of luggage. If you attach the roof you can protect your dog from jumping out or accidents from sudden shifts in cart movements. The rear of the vehicle is equipped with a slope so that even older dogs who have weak legs can more easily get on and off. Frame is made of high grade aluminium with a handle that folds down to be easily stored. See below for size info.


  • When using frame : 70 cm (width) x 127 cm (depth) x 110 cm (height)
  • With frame folded : 70 cm (width) x 107 cm (depth) x 45 cm (height)
  • Cot : 44.5 cm (width) x 82 cm (depth) x 22 cm (height)
  • Cot interior : 45 cm (width) x 82.5 cm (depth) x 55 cm (height)

Available in 4 unique colors!

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