Designer Purse Toys

Introducing a line of haute purses for your little pooch!

These purse toys are inspired by popular brands and their purses, complete with logo embroidery and a plush feel. Each purse has a squeaker inside to provide stimulus during play. Multiple different parody brands available.

Available in a range of styles and sizes, see below for sizing info.

Barkin: Small approximately 4.5 inches

            Large approximately 6 inches

Chewlulemon: Large approximately 5.5 inches

Checkered Chewy V: Small approximately 3.5 inches

                                 Large approximately 6 inches

White Chewy V: Small approximately 3.5 inches

                           Large approximately 6 inches

                           Xtra-Large approximately 9 inches

Dogior: Large approximately 7 inches

Grrryard: Large approximately 5.5 inches

Pawda: Large approximately 5 inches

             Xtra-Large approximately 8 inches

Pawlenciaga: Large approximately 6 inches

*online pricing may not reflect in-store prices*