Stella & Chewy's Stew

Real whole muscle meat and organic fresh-cut vegetables, gently kettle-cooked in small batches to deliver great taste and amazing nutrition. All of Stella & Chewy's stew diets are 100% human-grade quality. Free from garlic and onions as well as other unhealthy preservatives! Meat is the primary ingredient in each stew, followed by bone broth and added vegetables. No carrageenan, gum additives or natural flavors; also grain-free and gluten-free. Packaged in a BPA-free carton.
  • Single-Source Stews use 6 core simple ingredients. Excellent for limited ingredient diets and single animal protein diets.
  • Medleys use an exotic blend of animal proteins for a meat rich experience. Excellent for less limited diets and multiple animal protein diets.

Available in 6 unique flavors, packaged in 11. Oz cartons.

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