Premium Crystallized Bone Collars

A premium silicone collar with our Swarovski hand set crystallized bones, uniquely developed to withstand the daily roughness of your dog in all environments.

Flexible and absorbent with a formulated stretch allowing your pets safety to neck & throat pulls. Made to impress you and your pup!

Available in multiple styles based on collar, hardware, and crystal color, as well as a range of sizes. See below for more sizing info.

XXS 0.59 inches wide 5.9 - 7.9 inches long
XS 0.59 inches wide 9.1 - 11 inches long
S 0.79 inches wide 11 - 14 inches long
M 0.98 inches wide 14 - 18.1 inches long
L 0.98 inches wide 18.1 - 22 inches long


*Online prices may not reflect in-store pricing*