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Nandog Prive Collection Beds

  • $99.99

Elegant simplicity is the key to Nandog’s Prive Collection Dog and Cat Bed. The modern design announces its sophistication with understatement. No need for loud declarations of importance.

This bed envelops your dog or cat in comfort. The high-end material allows you flexibility with general cleaning and upkeep. The dog or cat bed will go with any home color and décor scheme.

Simple, clean, and an ideal den for your dog or cat. Give your dog or cat the gift of modern elegance and sophistication. Give yourself the gift of simplicity and ease of cleaning your dog or cat’s home.

Prive Collection Cloud Beds feature luxurious quilted vegan leather for an even more refined and durable product.


  • Modern design
  • Soft and cuddly fabric material 
  • Simple and clean look
  • The sophisticated look goes well with home décor
  • Filled with natural poly fiber

Available in White/Brown or Grey, two sizes.



  • Exterior Measurements - Approximately 16" x 16"
  • Exterior Measurements - Approximately 22" x 18"