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PACK: A Social Network For Dogs And The People Who Love Them

A fun social network has come along for people who love their pets!

Recently, I got invited to create a online profile for Matilda, my girly Shiba Inu, on a fun and well-designed social sharing website called PACK.


PACK's user interface is very minimal, allowing just one large-format photo of your furry loved one, accompanied by a brief statement that offers a glimpse into his/her personality. Users can scroll through other dog photos and choose favorites (Matilda has 87 "likes" so far).  


 Pet parents get a little page in which they can describe themselves as well.


You can view and show your love to members of a specific breed.



The feature that keeps users engaged is a weekly newsletter, written specifically for dogs of a specific breed or for proud mutts! These newsletters offer links to cool breed-specific merchandise, news articles, silly videos and more.

PACK is still in its beginning stages and is currently available by invite only. However, you can reserve your spot and within a few days you can create your dog's profile.


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