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Are You Over-Treating Your Dog?

How many treats should you give your dog per day?

It actually depends more on the treat than on the dog. The act of treat-giving is in itself is so rewarding for dogs that it isn't necessary to offer them an entire biscuit each time they follow directions.

Sound advice for treat-giving:

  1. Make sure the treats are grain-free, hormone-free and contain no artificial preservatives, dyes or sweeteners. This holds true especially if you are training your dog. Let your dog or puppy fill up on treats that are healthy and delicious. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DOG BAR'S COLLECTION OF HEALTHY DOG TREATS.
  2. Treat your dog wisely. Treats provide a great way to teach your dog right from wrong. They also come in handy when you have no choice but to manipulate your dog, i.e., to get him/her into the car, to take a bath, to look towards a camera, etc.. Most importantly, be cautious never to reward bad behavior!
  3. Never offer your dog anything with sugar. The image of a dog sharing your ice cream cone looks great in a cartoon, but in reality, dogs are carnivores who cannot process sugar properly. This includes processed fruits and grains.
  4. Don't poison your dog! Common foods that are toxic to dogs include chocolate, grapes, onions, raisins, macadamia nuts, milk and dairy, apple seeds, peaches and plums.

It's no secret that the fastest way into a dog's heart is through his/her stomach. Treats really work, it's that simple. Unfortunately, treats are too often given for no apparent reason, making them useless while they make your dogs obese!



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