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The Mighty Equalizer by Christopher Stein

Chris Stein has been a Dog Bar regular for years.

He and his ever loyal friend Morgan are always such a welcome sight. Here's something that Chris wrote that so eloquently expresses the incredible bond we share with these fascinating creatures we call our pets. Enjoy!



The Mighty Equalizer

Owning a body a bit askew, ambulating electronically atop four wheels; alone, I

often draw the stares as would something from the extra- terrestrial. However,

whether I’m about to embark on trundle or slog; I have Him lain at my side loyally

awaiting my every move. While this creature is as organic as I, He exudes a spirit

almost God-like in nature that can be felt by all open to receive it.


Tangibly joined by chain, intangibly joined by all five senses and a sixth; together,

we amble through life as one. Apart, we flail aloft as two naked appendages lopped

at the soul. While He prances gleefully by my side, His inviting allure draws a smile

from even the most stoic of faces. And with snout held high and ears flapping in the

wind with super-hero air, He defies all who question His purpose.


As we end our day, He jumps on my bed and follows by a flick of the tongue on my

cheek and bids me a sweet good-night. Curled at my feet, He falls asleep. I wake

in the middle of the night to the sounds of His slumber as He dreams the simple

dreams of His kind. With a soul as innocent as a three-year-old but as old as the

earth itself, He simply laughs off the crazy complexities we add to life. Down there

from His perspective, He just doesn't care. He’s simply a dog. The mighty equalizer.




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