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How To Get Your Dog To Like A New Toy

Getting A Dog To Like A Toy

It's not uncommon for someone to go to the pet shop and see a toy that they believe will make their puppy the happiest puppy in the world.

But on some occasions, your dog may simply stare blankly at you, probably wondering if that's really the bast you can do.

Getting Your Dog To Like A Boring Toy

  1. Sit on the floor - This action alone will often trigger most dogs to come over to you.
  2. Show your dog you have treats without actually giving him/her any. Tell your dog to sit at attention.
  3. Next you want your dog to acknowledge the toy in some way, even if it's just a quick touch with his/her nose. You may need to place a treat beneath the toy in order for this to happen. The MOMENT it does, praise your dog with a happy, high-pitched voice and reward with a treat. 
  4. Move the toy a few inches in any direction while saying in a high-pitched voice "Where's Your Toy?". Your dog now has treats on the mind and will follow your hand anywhere. Again, the INSTANT your dog's nose touches the toy, offer a treat and an enthusiastic praise. 
  5. After repeating that exercise a few times, say in a high-pitched voice, "Where's the toy?". This time, don't reward your dog right away. You want him/her to keep nosing at the toy to get a treat. After a few seconds, give him/her a treat.

Eventually you'll need to start moving the toy further and further away until you can throw it across the room and your will retrieve it.


Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

The most common theory as to why dogs are attracted to squeaky toys is that they are essentially rubber or plush versions of the small prey animals that dogs would hunt for in the wild. The squeaking noise resembles the last cries of small rodents -a sound which must be extremely satisfying to a predator.

Another theory is that dogs are actually enjoying the interactive quality of the toy. When the dog squeezes the object, the object responds with a non-threatening, almost whimper-like sound. So while the dog's natural inclination for chewing is being satisfied, there is a cause-and-effect game occurring simultaneously.

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