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Prescription Dog Food That's Actually Nutritious

Forza10 Dog Food

As most Dog Bar customers already know, we refuse to carry cheap, profit-driven pet foods that try to hijack the real conversation about animal health and nutrition.

This means scrutinizing every ingredient of the foods that come our way, getting customer feedback and then deciding whether or not to keep the food on our shelves.

It looks as though we found a good one.

While most of our foods focus on whole, minimally-processed nutrition, Forza10 takes that idea a step further and applies it to specific ailments commonly suffered by dogs of all ages.

The Italian company relies on two fundamental principles:

  • the first one is to use “pure” ingredients, preserved naturally;
  • the second one is to introduce precious natural substances in every single product in order to resolve the real health emergency of the modern world: chronic inflammation, food allergy and food intolerance.



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The pet food industry has a long history of making promises of healing every ailment under the sun. In 1948, Hills (makers of Science Diet) first introduced a line of dog food that claimed to cure heart disease in dogs. 

When we were first introduced to Forza10, we checked for all the indicators of cheap food masquerading as "healthy" (almost all cheap dog food ingredients begin with either corn, wheat or soy, followed by some form of "animal byproduct").

Forza10 is made from fresh, nutritious ingredients along with principle additives such as rose hips, melaluca, aloe, garlic, linden, etc., that address specific health issues.

When the co founders of Dog Bar tested it on their incessantly itchy French Bulldog, it made an enormous difference in just a few days! We've also been getting similar feedback from many of our customers who've been willing to try Forza10 on their pets.

So it looks as though the Dog Bar officially has a new food that will remain on our shelves! CLICK HERE to purchase Forza10 foods online or feel free to stop by for a free sample! 

You can also learn more about Forza10 by visiting their WEBSITE.

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