How To Prevent And Cure Yeast Infections in Dogs

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canine yeast infections

Here in South Florida, most of the canine population didn't evolve to thrive in these Subtropical Summers. A very common issue these dogs are facing is skin infections caused by yeast.

For dogs, yeast infections usually occur in the inner and outer ears. Symptoms include odor, crusty discharge, redness and swelling, head-shaking or loss of balance.

The most effective way of preventing and curing a yeast infection involves a coordinated attack from both the inside and outside of your dog's body.

Attack the yeast internally by adding refrigerated acidophilus to your dog's meals. Then, for the external infection, bathe your dog using Zymox Shampoo and Conditioning Rinse.

For over a decade, Zymox has been a top seller at The Dog Bar for dogs susceptible to yeast infections. It's a non-synthetic enzymatic solution that is both safe and effective. Our customer feedback for Zymox is always 100% positive! 

After the bath, follow up with the Zymox Topical Spray twice a day. The infection should clear-up in less than a week.


Yeast can be caused by a compound of factors including diet, hygiene, humidity and allergies. Here's a list of preventative measures for dogs prone to yeast infections and other chronic skin conditions:

  • Remain on a purely grain-free diet with a single-source of protein, such as lamb, fish, bison, pork or venison...AVOID CHICKEN! (that includes treats)
  • Groom regularly to allow the skin to breathe. Too much grimy build-up insulates moisture on the skin
  • Add acidophilus to your dog's food on a daily basis
  • Keep a bottle of Zymox Topical Spray handy for any sign of a new infection


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