The Padpod Is Now Available To Dogs And Cats In The U.S.

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The latest in luxury lounging for pets will soon make its way across the pond.

Most examples of high-end pet furniture are shrunken-down versions of something originally designed for humans. The Padpod differs in that its design is pet-focused with clear lines of sight, raised platform for viewing and an enclosed and comforting shape that helps your pets relax and make the Padpod a real home.

Regarding comfort, the Padpod is made from luxury fabrics and soft furnishings. It has padded cushions with removable washable fabrics and a neatly upholstered interior designed to stand up to the rigors of everyday use.

Its high-gloss shell and vibrant interior create a work of art, reminiscent of ingenious mid-century innovation.

We are currently accepting PRE-ORDERS for the Padpod in any of its three available colors. 


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