How To Teach A Dog To Like A Carrier

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Dog In A Carrier Purse

The Dog Bar is located in the land of little #southbeachdogs, many of whom peak gleefully out of carriers, purses and bicycle baskets.

Many of our customers with less "cooperative" dogs mention how great it would be to shop around with their little loved one perfectly at ease in his/her own carrier.

While we cannot guarantee that any one thing in particular will totally reverse the behavior of certain dogs, we certainly can offer the following suggestions that have worked for many of our customers:

Dogs Should Love Their Carriers

Dogs naturally want to have their own den, or personal spot that belongs only to them. This predisposition gives us something to work with. Although it's easier to teach a puppy to like a carrier from the get-go, it's still possible to persuade an older dog as well. 

  • Before placing your dog in the carrier, just place the carrier on the floor with a couple treats inside and allow your dog to freely inspect it.
  • At some point, when your dog falls asleep, place him/her in the carrier and keep petting.
  • Any toys your dog isn't playing with should be stowed in the carrier, along with the leash and harness. 
  • Always offer a treat when he/she enters the carrier.
  • As a general rule, never use confined spaces as punishment!
  • Start slowly. During your walk, if your dog wants to get out of the carrier, just put on the leash and walk.

The idea is to always maintain a positive association. Remember, whenever your dog seems calm in the carrier, praise him/her!!! That's the behavior we want to encourage!

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