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5 Must-Haves For Every Beach Dog

With a little planning, you can avoid all the stinky nastiness that comes with a dog's day at the beach.

Aside from the usual wet dog stench, pet parents often have to deal with ear infections, lost toys, stinky wet fabric or leather collars and even sunburn! The following 5 items have been tried, tested and proven by the countless #miamidogs who shop at our South Beach store.

A revolutionary odor-neutralizing spray for your dog and home.  Repláscents replace scent, neutralizing bad odors and replacing them with a subtle delicious fragrance.

Sunscreen for dogs. Just like people, dogs need protection from the sun. Doggy Sunwipes provide the fastest, most convenient way to protect your dog from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays whenever they’re outdoors.

Made from incredibly strong coated polyester. Convenient side release buckle. Durable material that is waterproof and easy to clean. Will not absorb odors!

 Reliq advanced ear solution cleans and dissolves waxy build-up. Naturally relieves irritation and removes odor. Helps maintain clean and healthy ears.

Hurley is all the fun of a ball and a bone in one durable toy. Not only will its bright colors help prevent dogs from losing it, it also floats!


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