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Service Dogs For Veterans

Most people don't just claim to support the troops... we are EAGER to help! Here's how:

Vets Helping Heroes


When Irwin Stovroff learned that the U.S. government had no funds for service dogs for the disabled, he couldn't believe it. So at age 90 he founded Vets Helping Heroes, an organization that works to provide veterans with assistance dogs trained by certified professionals.


  • According to the Department of Defense, as of July 2011 over 40,000 service men and women have been injured in the current conflicts since 2003.
  • These include such life-altering injuries as: blind; with amputated limbs; spinal cord injuries; traumatic brain injuries; or suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.
  • Heroes in need of guide and assistance dogs have vastly exceeded original projections
  • These precious dogs can help our heroes live again with dignity and self-reliance.
  • It costs between $10,000 and $60,000 to raise and train a guide, therapy or service dog.
  • Vets Helping Heroes is answering the call to serve the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country.


Vets Helping Heroes (VHH) is a national non profit organization that provides professionally trained dog’s for every veteran who needs, wants and who could benefit from the services that only a guide or service dog can provide. These are no ordinary dogs we’re talking about. They are the equivalent of elite commandos, called on to give their all. Screening a dog for requisite traits like patience, intelligence and confidence, and then training a dog to observe and react to subtle changes in an environment or in an owner’s behavior, is a lengthy and expensive process. The cost ranges between $10,000 – $60,000 per dog which our veterans simply cannot afford.

Vets Helping Heroes provides service dogs at no cost to the veteran. These dogs make the difference between an active life and an isolated one for our nations veterans who gave so much so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have today.


Watch this compelling video to learn more about Irwin Stovroff's amazing story:


Vets Helping Heroes

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